Media Contributions

Greenmentality-Related Media Contributions:
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Op-eds, blogs and interviews

Svarstad, H., and Benjaminsen T.A. 2019. “Equinors klimamaskerade” [“Equinors’ climate masquerade”]. Dagsavisen: (Norwegian)

Davis, D., and P. Robbins. 2018: “India’s forest cover target influenced by colonial policies rather than scientific basis, says study”. Interview in Mongabay:  

Buseth, J.T., 2018. “Kamp om hoder” [“Struggle for support”]. Interview in Klassekampen: (Norwegian)

Buseth, J.T., 2018. “Kunnskap om regnskogmilliardene” [“Knowledge about the rainforest billions”]. Hamar Arbeiderblad: (Norwegian)

Benjaminsen T.A., and Svarstad, H. 2018.”Marx i skogen” [“Marx in the forest”]. Klassekampen: Download pdf. (Norwegian).

Svarstad, H., and Benjaminsen T.A. 2018. “Norsk klimapolitikk rammer de fattigste” [“Norwegian climate policy negatively affects the poorest”]. Aftenposten:–Hanne-Svarstad-og-Tor-A-Benjaminsen (Norwegian).

Benjaminsen, T.A., 2018. “Motstand mot “jordran”, vold og norsk bistand i Tanzania” [“Resistance against “land grabs”, violence and Norwegian aid in Tanzania”]. Bistandsaktuelt: (Norwegian).

Bergius, M., Buseth, J.T., Benjaminsen T.A., and Widgren, M., 2017.  “Den norske selvgodhet” [The Norwegian complacency]. NRK Ytring: (Norwegian).

Buseth, J.T., and Bergius, M., 2017. “Grønn modernisering: Småbrukerne blir tapere” [Green modernization: Smallholders become losers].  Dagsavisen:

Benjaminsen, T.A., 2016. “Karbon som vare” [Carbon as a commodity]. Dagens Næringsliv: Download pdf. (Norwegian).

Bergius, M., 2016. “Afrika for Agribusiness” [Africa for Agribusiness]. Nationen: Download pdf. (Norwegian).

Buseth, J.T., 2016. “Illusjonen om det grønne skiftet” [The illusion of the green shift]. Dagsavisen: (Norwegian).

Bergius M., 2016. “Norge mot småbøndene” [Norway against the smallholders]. Klassekampen: pdf 1 and pdf 2. (Norwegian).


Bergius, M., interviewed in German radio: “Entwicklungshilfe als Investitionsobjekt” [Development help as investment object] –